Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stitch Fix #4- I bought everything... and then couldn't buy lunch.

Hello. It is I. The one who is always late updating this thing. So I decided since I just got box 5 today, that I should write up the unboxing for both 4 and 5 at once and get it out of the way. Here is 4:

StitchFix Deal (copy+paste):

StitchFix is a monthly subscription service for those of us unable or unwilling to go shopping. You give them $20 and they give you 5 items personally chosen for you based on a style profile. They give you 3 days to try stuff on, take it off, try it on again, cry in a corner, take it off, look at it in various light sources, etc.You keep the items you like and send back the junk you hate. Your $20 goes towards any purchases and if you keep all 5, you get a 25% discount. They send you a prepaid envelope to return the unwanted items and there you go. Super simple. 

The Fix:

I'll start with the first 2 pictures that loaded because re-arranging these stupid things is a bitch.

THML- Colinda Sheer V-Neck Sweater- $58

I really loved this sweater. It's soft, it's flattering (not in the first picture because I've got a lovely chub thing going on). But over-all, I enjoy this sweater. It's great for work and I was blessed with tiny boobs. The biggest complaint I saw about this sweater was if you've got big knockers, they're probably gonna use that sheerness as a window to say HELLO WORLD! Mine don't do that. They're like the short kid trying to reach the top shelf in the library.

41 Hawthorne- Abbie Reversible Skirt- $68
I could have gone without this. It's ok for work and really thick so it won't blow up and away. It's just aight. It was cheaper for me to keep the skirt if I bought all 5 items... so I did. I haven't worn this yet. Maybe when it warms up. 

Skies are Blue- Melle Fringe Detail Pullover Poncho- $68

Seriously though... this poncho is on FLEEEEEEEK.
I requested this sucker. I saw a poncho on Pinterest and begged for it. LOOK AT IT! LOOKIT! It's fantastic. I don't care if I look like I'm going to a hoe-down. You're a hoe-down.
If my colors are off, it's got pink detail and gray. It matches nothing except my awesome personality and those pants (which I will discuss down below).

Kut from the Kloth- Dayna Skinny Jean- $88

I asked for skinny jeans and got skinny jeans. They're skinny jeans. I don't know what more to say. They're soft, I guess. They have a "mom-esque" look to them. They're not low-rise by any means. I like them for work and they're really comfy fat pants. Lord knows we could all use a few pairs of fat pants.  

Honey Punch- Layla Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan- $48

Zoey would be the critter sniffing my butt.
I begged for this on Pinterest. I got a sweater kind of similar before, but in that ass-ugly magenta/navy crossover that they only give to people serving time in Hell.

This is both soft, flowy, and perfect for work. Because I'm lazy and dressing up sucks. I barely brush my hair most mornings. Seriously, who has time? I have to wake up and drive to the building... There's no time for brushing in there.
The total for this last fix was a whopping $330, but with my $20 credit and my buy-5-discount, I paid $227 and some change. Not too shabby for work stuff that I actually use. 

My husband's face when I get a box is always sad, but this time, it was sadder. :C  <--- like this. 

And another C+P:

This brings us to my shameless advertising of my referral link. If you sign-up and request a box, I get a $25 credit towards a purchase. Free clothes!
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・°☆.。.:Wooo! Referral Link!

Til next time...

*5 minutes later*

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