Tuesday, July 4, 2017

DIY... more like Don't-IY

I am not a crafty person.
Yes, I have hundreds of dollars of scrapbooking paper, stickers, cutouts, punchers, glue, tape, scissors, and containers of misc crap. I can't actually stop myself from buying the junk, but I never do anything with it.

Well, that changed yesterday. I made a thing. A single thing. In the 17+ years I've been collecting the majority of Hobby Lobby's inventory, I have finally created a thing.

It's a candle holder for tealights. One $1 glass vase from Dollar Tree, some Daiso plumeria flowers from Japan, twine from anywhere, sea glass from Target, and white sand filler/seashells, also from Dollar Tree. I really had zero plans when starting this except I wanted a cool desk decoration for my new "beachy" area.

 I spend a bunch of time at my computer doing very important adult things... like Neopets, and a Harry Potter role-playing website. So without further weirdness, here's the portions of my desk that I have put together/DIY'd (sort of) for your viewing pleasure. #aesthetics

To start, I wanted a mermaid-esque feel for my desk. I have an unhealthy obsession with mermaids and should surgery for gills ever become an option: you'll never see me again.

I grabbed a pair of floating shelves from Target for $20, an ADORABLE mermaid statue I found at Burlington while I was looking for work clothes, as well as an "A" covered in pineapples. My husband was at the range a couple of weeks ago and he snagged me some local Spanish Moss which I tacked to the back of the shelf. Take one Daiso plumeria I had left over from the candle holder, and you have this majestic shelf that makes me oh-so-happy with its simplicity and light colors.

For the second shelf in the duo, I only had one plan: Tsum-tsums. I have 600+ of these fuckers and they're hidden in a room with the rest of my Disney-madness shame. But The Little Mermaid set was necessary. I have a custom set of Daughters of Triton from Abigail Customs (different Abby), but those are displayed in a case where nothing can hurt them. I might brag about those later.
I found these adorable little succulents at Dollar Tree, plus this really stupid foil palm tree that I liked, add a polaroid photo of me and my dog with washi tape to cover the holes the old renters left (because I'm not paying jack to repaint this crap-tastic house if the owners couldn't be bothered to do it), and you've got a completed work of weird art.  **Edit~ I'm not spamming my Instagram followers anymore, but I did change the washi tape around the picture to gold. The Disney chibis weren't working for me.**

After about 3 days of hot glue, glass lacerations, washi tape, and 50 new holes in my walls, I give you:

I don't think I did too bad for my first area. I like it here. It has all my favorite things and I think it's simple and easy enough to keep clean. Plus I like that my 65" TV is a mere 3 feet to my left so I can inhale all the garbage Netflix I want while I pretend to get work done.

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